Nature Pond

Natural pond for your garden can look amazing

What should the depth of a water pond be? and how to make it suitable for the fish, pond plant and filter

A pond should have varying depths of water to ensure that the perfect biosphere for creatures and plants is created. The depth is the distance between the surface of the pond and the liner.


An ornamental pond usually has fish and decorative plants. When building an ornamental pond you must consider the following


Ornamental fish need clear, oxygen-rich water. You should install a filter in order to ensure that the water receives plenty of fresh oxygen.


Special marginal zones and shallow water need to be created to encourage wild animals to settle in the pond. A nature pond has a greater dependence on natural factors. These ponds do not require much care, especially if they are large.


Purchasing a liner

The value of a liner can never be over emphasized. Liners are available from specialist liner manufacturers. A high quality liner is durable and should be resistant to roots and high ultra-violet radiation. The liner should be impervious to heat and frost and must not have harmful substances. A good liner should be about 0, 8 1, 0 mm thick and should never be less than 0,6mm thick. The majority of liner comes in black, grey, green and olive brown.


Buying a ready-made pond

There are a lot of pond manufacturing companies available today. Most of these pond manufactures already have ponds that have the 4 biological zones and can have ponds of up to 8m in size. Pond manufactures also help in transportation as well as assembling the pond for you.


Pond manufactures build ponds that are child proof as well. However this does not discard the need to monitor curios children. Children should be kept far from the pond at all times as there have been numerous cases of children drowning in ponds. A fence can be erected around the pond and it must be at least 60cm high and rigid.


You can plant climbing plants near the fence, creating an eye-catching design of foliage, especially if the climbing plants have magnificent colours. Examples of plants you can propagate are mint, lemon balm, sweet peas, grape vine and runner beans. The fence can be made up of wood, or wire-mesh. Alternatively you can use a safety grid and this is installed below the water surface.


Safety tips when purchasing equipment

Electricity and water are not a good combination, especially if you are not certain of what you are doing. Ensure that only a professional electrician performs all electrical installations work. Purchase equipment that carries the British Standard kite mark and never use extension leads. Do not remove the plug from its socket before removing an electrical appliance from the water. Do not attempt to repair any of the equipment yourself call a professional electrician. Build a fail-safe switch into the fuse box.



There are numerous filter systems which can be installed in the pond or outside it. The pumps and filters may be in the form of a single unit or the filter may be run on a separate pump. A filter is valuable for a small pond if fish are to survive in the pond. The filters provide a mechanical cleaning function for example filtering large dirt particles from the water. The filter should be cleaned on a regular basis using clean water to ensure that it does not get blocked.


Other filtering materials perform a biological cleaning function using special micro-organisms. The organisms use organic (matter such as dead plant matter and food residue) to change it into nutrients for the water plants.

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